I am feared.  I am desired.  I am powerful.
And I will sacrifice it all, for one bite of her.

Detrand, a sexy, mysterious immortal vampire, returns to England to punish the being responsible for the murder of his Maker.  Delving into the city full of shifters, fae and other immortal beasts, he encounters a woman with blood so tempting that he can barely control his blood lust. 

He will burn the city down to find the killer, but first he may have to submit to the woman who will consume his heart, or he may never know the truth…


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**Intended for adult readers due to sexual situations, violence, and language.**

I'm writing a vampire novel and would love for you to read it and give me your thoughts.  So I'll be sending out draft scenes as they are written, along with surveys along the way to get opinions on the book.  You'll get an email about twice a week, unless my muse has abandoned me, then I may be silent for a little while, probably crying in the corner or my office and calling out to the Muse Powers to come back.  ;)  Feel free to email me your thoughts about the book.

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