Application to be a member of the Chamber of Smekrets Club
Requirements: You solemnly swear to:
1. read my books and review them too (on amazon)
2. only brag that you've already read the book and not to reveal any spoilers to your friends or on reviews
3. you will buy my book on the special ARC only sale day for a price of $0.99.

Welcome to the application for the Chamber of Smekrets!!

You may be a fan, but now you’re entering a whole new level of fandom - my elite bookworms, my superstars, the apple of my eye…all right, you get the picture. Basically, I appreciate the my Club too much to be healthy—to the point where I might start petting and calling you My Precious. As a member of the club, be prepared to be spoiled rotten with early access and exclusive content!


What is the Chamber of Smekrets? 

In a nutshell, the Club gets perks like early access to fresh releases and steep discounts (99 cents - free) for every new book! All in exchange for honest reviews. Seriously, that's pretty much it.


The Perks


That's right, you will receive a digital review copy before any new book is published. Sometimes up to a month in advance! You'll even see the book covers before they are revealed to the public.



For my already published books, you’ll receive a review copy for free.  When I have my special sale days, I’ll When a new release is ready to go live, I'll email you about a secret launch where the Review Crew gets a special opportunity to buy the book for free-99 cents!



If accepted, as a member of the Chamber of Smekrets you’re expected:

• To post your honest reviews on AMAZON. One day I may pull my exclusivity contract with amazon, at which point I may ask you to post your review on other retailers, but that certainly won't be mandatory.


  • For books with the secret .99 cent discount day, you must purchase your copy within that time frame. IF YOU MISS THE SECRET REVIEW DISCOUNT DAY(S) it's your responsibility to purchase the book on your own. This is by the honor system considering you will already have access to the book by this point.


  • Do not share any advance reader copies with anyone. That includes torrent sites. Breaking my trust by violating this rule will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from The Club. And just a heads up, each ARC has a unique identifier--meaning I'll know who is responsible for a leak. So don't be that guy.


  • ***NO SPOILERS in your review please.***


  • You must disclose somewhere in your review"I was gifted this copy by the author.”  (If you write that you 'received a copy in exchange for a review', there is a high likelyhood that your review will be taken down by Amazon.  And we don't want that!!)
  • Once you buy your copy on my special sale day, please delete this disclaimer in your review.


  • OPTIONAL: I'd really love it if you helped spread the word about my stories. ***

Keep in Mind

  • THERE WILL BE PURGING. The email and book services I use to deliver the stories can get expensive. So if you aren't holding up your end of the deal or abusing the system in some way--I'm the one that pays for it. Literally. I have no qualms about sacrificing a branch to keep the tree alive.




I have a different device than a kindle, can I still read your books?

Definitely! I send out advance review copies via bookfunnel—meaning your book will basically be delivered to whatever device you have. You don’t necessarily need to know how to sideload a book. It’s that simple :)


I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Do I still have to pay the 99 cents?

Nope! Just be sure to borrow the book before dropping your review (so it’s verified.) Keep in mind, authors are paid by page reads in KU, so if you only make it to page two, the author gets royalties for those two pages.


Questions? feel free to email me at or Adriel at

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