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Requirements:  You solemnly swear to:
  1. read my books and review them too (on amazon or ibooks)
  2. that you will only brag that you've already read the book and not to reveal any spoilers to your friends or on reviews
  3. you will use verbage similar to "I was gifted this copy by the author" if you write your review on amazon, so they don't shut down my account and make me join in with Mrytle to cry in the bathroom stall
If you complete this form, you are agreeing to these terms. 

*** Here's how it works***
Write a review for the first book in the series and then email it on over to my assistant, Adriel with the words "I WROTE A REVIEW"  in all caps to get her attention.  Adriel's email is If you need another copy, no problem.  Just email Adriel and ask.  Once she receives it, she'll give ya the next book in the series and then the trend continues.  Got it?  It's that easy.

The list is open now, but will close as soon as I reach my goal, so that I can make sure to get you the books instead of it getting lost in all the madness.  Please only sign up if you have time and truly want to write a review.  We all get busy, which is totally normal, so if you ain't got the time, then don't put in your dime!

It is 100% voluntary to write a review.  If you do not write a review, no problem!!  This first one is a gift to you.  :D  

Questions?  feel free to email me at or Adriel at
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